National Institute of Health Awards INCITE Three-Year Grant for Work on Assisted Reproductive Technology and Autism

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a three-year, $1.5 million grant to co-Principal Investigators Peter Bearman, Director of INCITE, and Christine Fountain, Associate Professor of Sociology at Fordham University to support their work on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and Autism. Keely Cheslack Postava, Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University, is a Co-Investigator on this project.

The goal of this study is to build and analyze the largest and most detailed dataset in existence—containing more than 11 million children born over two decades—on ART and developmental disabilities including autism, intellectual disability, and cerebral palsy, with the ultimate aims of understanding the relationship between ART and risk of these disorders, and distinguishing the social and biological mechanisms of the association. A unique feature of the dataset is rich geospatial data, enabling researchers to explore neighborhood and contextual factors that shape ART usage and autism diagnoses. In addition, the longitudinal nature of the data will provide a crucial picture of the long-term outcomes of children with autism from diagnosis and into adolescence and beyond. This research will provide families and health care providers with better information on which to make decisions, and help identify potential modifiable risk factors for autism and other developmental disabilities.  

Postdoctoral Research Scholars Join INCITE

INCITE will be joined this fall by three postdoctoral research scholars. They will contribute to research efforts for the Measuring Liberal Arts Education Project and the Research and Empirical Analysis of Labor Migration (REALM) pgoram, to work on a variety of projects as well as to continue developing their own research. We are excited for them to join us!

Postdoctoral Research Scholars

Chad Borkenhagen is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar on the Measuring the Liberal Arts project at INCITE. He received his PhD in Sociology from the University of Chicago, and his research employs both qualitative and computational methods to explore the relationship between knowledge, culture, and organizational fields. His work has appeared in a number of journals, including Social ForcesSocial Studies of Science, and Poetics.

Siqi Han is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar on the Measuring the Liberal Arts project at INCITE. She received her PhD in Sociology from The Ohio State University, and her research agenda examines class inequality in education and in the transition to adulthood. This research agenda is motivated by a theoretical interest in the economic and non-economic impacts of education over the life course. Her recent projects looked at the incentives and disincentives for pursuing a degree in STEM, the differences in transition to adulthood by college field of study, and the reward structure for non-cognitive skills in high school. These projects appeared in Journal of Marriage and FamilySocial Science ResearchDemographic Research, and other academic journals. 

Anna Lunn is Postdoctoral Research Scholar working on INCITE’s Research and Empirical Analysis of Labor Migration project. She received a PhD in Sociology from Stanford University, and her research focuses on the social dimensions of individual and household economic decision-making in both India and the United States. She is particularly interested in how physical and social spaces shape the interpersonal exchanges around material goods. Her research combines qualitative interviews, statistical analysis and social network analysis. Her research has been supported by National Science Foundation (NSF), Stanford Center for International Development (SCID), and Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED). She is a former DHAsia/Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellow. Her work has appeared in Sociological Perspetives and Socio-Economic Review.

Support and Resources for Nonprofits

As a part of the Resources for Nonprofits initiative, this summer INCITE provided support to a number of organizations throughout New York City, offering space and financial support. The organizations that applied for and received support are committed to the promotion of a more just and equitable society.

Organizations which have received support to date include: African Communities Together, Anakbayan-NY, Art Start, and Global Action Project. We are excited to support these organizations and more as we continue to develop this initiative.

INCITE Announces High School and Undergraduate Summer Internship Program

For the summer of 2018 INCITE will host a group of high school undergraduate fellows who will devote their time to different INCITE projects. As they engage in their individual research tasks, the fellows will hone their own skills while also becoming familiar with INCITE's community and its various projects. In addition, fellows will gain insights on the research process from researchers possessing a wide range of experiences and have opportunities to develop their own questions and ideas. We are excited to have them join us for this summer! 

2018 High School and Undergraduate Summer Fellows

Jakub Boros, New York University Abu Dhabi
Melisa Demirovic, New York University Abu Dhabi
Riya Dulepet, High School Fellow
Akash Jason Singh, Columbia University
Keshar Shahi, New York University Abu Dhabi
Mark Xu, New York University Abu Dhabi