Health & Society Study of the Commodification of Hospital Care Published in the American Journal of Sociology

A study by Health & Society scholar Adam Reich was published in the American Journal of Sociology.  The “moralized markets” school within economic sociology has convincingly demonstrated variation in the relationship between economic activity and moral values. Yet this scholarship has not sufficiently explored either the causes of this variation or the consequences of this variation for organizational practice. By examining different moral-market understandings and practices in the context of a single market-based organizational field, this article highlights the contradictory character of processes of commodification, as different historically institutionalized ideas conflict, in different ways, with the market logic that increasingly organizes the field as a whole. The article examines the contradictory commodification of hospital care in three hospitals within one Northern California community.

H&SS Seed Grant Results in Social Networks Feature

In September 2010, the Columbia University H&SS site (a partnership of INCITE and the Mailman School of Public Health) funded the seed grant "Linking spatial and social environment for population health." The study, made possible through the 10-month grant, was featured in the January 2012 Special Issue of Social Networks. The article "Capturing context: Integrating spatial and social network analyses," was co-authored by jimi adams (Cohort 5), Katherine Faust and Gina Lovasi (Cohort 4). Click here to read the article.

Bearman in LA Times: Autism boom: an epidemic of disease or of discovery?

Exploring the increasing prevalence of autism, The Los Angeles Times cited Peter Bearman's research into the environmental causes of autism. Bearman's research analyzes state data, finding that children who live near somebody with autism were more likely to have the diagnosis themselves. Bearman estimates that the influence of neighbors alone accounts for 16% of the growth of autism cases in the state developmental system between 2000 and 2005.