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"The Spirit of East Harlem," by Hank Prussing and Manny Vega

"The Spirit of East Harlem," by Hank Prussing and Manny Vega

INCITE at Columbia University seeks to support organizations in and around New York City that promote just, equitable societies. In this effort, we invite small social justice and community-based organizations to request the use of our resources, including but not limited to space for meetings or small events, a budget for food, computer or software use, printing, short trainings in interviewing or survey design/distribution, and other miscellaneous support. Note that we have a very limited budget to provide nominal support and in most instances will not be able to accommodate requests for purchases of equipment not permanently housed onsite at Columbia University. If you represent a small but vital organization in the New York City area that organizes for vulnerable communities, please consider filling out the form below.

Reporting requirements after receiving support are minimal. Often, we require only that you submit a short summary of what the grant meant to your organization. 

Currently Supported Organizations
African Communities Together
Art Start
Aspies for Social Success
Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
Freedom Cities
Global Action Project
Sakhi for South Asian Women
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP)

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