INCITE High School Fellows Program

Students interested in continuing the work developed in the Social Sciences Summer program may apply to be an INCITE High School Fellow. INCITE faculty determine a proposed project that can be fruitfully improved upon and executed during the Fall semester of the academic year. Selected fellows work closely with an advisor at Columbia via a series of online seminars. They improve the original project design, receive special training in the topic of interest, collect data, discuss findings, and prepare a presentation for the workshops that INCITE hosts in Beijing and Shanghai at the beginning of the Spring semester.

"Insight of Graffiti": Watch the presentation

The fellows presented their research at our annual social science research workshops in Shanghai and Beijing, on February 18 and 22, 2016.

Meet our 2015-2016 Fellows

I am Kemin Cao (Daisy), an 18-year-old girl living in Shanghai. Now I am enrolled in WLSA Fudan Academy and enjoying the last year of my high school life. Though always trying to work hard on academics, I never give up chances fulfilling myself outside the classroom. I love music, so I started a Guitar Club when I was in grade 10. I like organizing events, so I am the vice president of activity department in student council. Most importantly, I always want to try out new things. Therefore, it is so exciting for me to have this opportunity to be in the workshop and fellow program. To me, this program not only exposes me to a field that I have never thought about before, but also provides me chances to meet so many great professors and fellow students. It is great pleasure working with Columbia faculties and students from all over the world.

Jia Gao: I am currently studying in a private boarding school in Connecticut and I am a senior. Willing to have an extraordinary experience in my life, I came to America as a sophomore three years ago. I believe that a life without various interests would be monotonous and meaningless. I am a big tennis lover, having over seven years experience and I love playing saxophones, enjoying the amazement of Jazz music. Besides those hobbits, I enjoy reading literature as well, no matter in class or after class. For me, college may not be the most important place for me but that is definitely the place where I am able to learn more about both academic and life. I also believe that being a nice person is more important than being a successful person.

I am Susie Wu from Guangzhou, China. I am currently an international student studying at Chatham Hall, an all-girls boarding school in Virginia. I like my school because its curriculum encourages students to pursue the subjects that really interest them. In my spare time, my favorite activity is horseback riding. I love this sport because I have always been attracted to horses and would like to work with them and learn more about them and how they view the world in which they live. Although I fell from their backs many times, they never objected to having me climb back up for another try. I admire them for that and definitely have learned a great deal about cooperation and trust and respect while attempting to ride with them. In addition to having an interest in the personality of the horse, I am equally interested in sociology, the study of human behavior. Even though I am obviously one, I view humans as most mysterious and complex creatures and would very much like to explore the nature of man and the effects his behavior has upon himself and the world in which he lives. If I follow this interest, I feel I would be able to see and understand the world around me more clearly and the individuals who make up this planet. Studying the history and evolution of human society will give me a more accurate perspective and understanding of the world as it is and as it will be.

Datura (Yunyang Zhou) is a senior student at High School Affiliated to Fudan University. She started her Columbia Research journey in January, 2015. From Beijing Workshop to Columbia Summer Program, she learned not only scientific research methods, but formed a determination to choose Social Sciences as the major. (one photo taking place at Columbia Summer Program) From Dr. Van Tran at Columbia University, she believed that: “Sociologists observe the problems, study then and then make a difference.” She went to Kenya twice, and what she found out that she really cared about was the people, the community. Even if her strength is limited, she is willing and ready to contribute.