LGBTQ+ Columbia University Oral History Collection, 2016-2017

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This six-interview collection documents the life experiences of LGBTQ individuals who are alumni of Columbia University or are otherwise affiliated with the university. Experiences discussed are quite broad, as narrators include professors, university administrators, health professionals, a playwright, and a minister. Some common themes addressed include LGBTQ student activism and experience at Columbia, the 1968 student unrest at Columbia University, LGBTQ health issues, HIV/AIDS, family members' reactions to sexuality, and LGBTQ culture on campus and more broadly. Narrators also reflect on impact of gender and sexual orientation on a personal level and LGBTQ issues in society over time. The collection is comprised of audio and video digital files and digital and paper-based transcripts. Interviewees are John D'Emilio, Ann Kansfield, Roberta Kaplan, Tony Kushner, Dennis Mitchell, and Laura Pinsky.