Program Requirements

  • Bi-weekly Seminar — The bi-weekly seminar is the intellectual focal point of the program. While exposing fellows to the work of scholars from multiple disciplines, it also gives them the opportunity to present their research. Through participation in this forum, students gain insights into the reasoning, methods, and specific research of the humanities and social sciences and how they can be applied to their work.

  • Thematic Seminar —  Each year, a seminar session is devoted to a particular concept that is analytically important for both the humanities and the social sciences, such as the concept of explanation, the role of research methods or what constitutes evidence in different fields. Fellows work with the Program Directors to identify this theme and select readings.
  • Short Courses —  Optional four two-day short courses are offered annually on a range of topics that are jointly important for both humanities and social science students. Courses may cover such topics as specific research methods or concepts such as temporality, silence in narrativity, or geographic space.

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