Social Sciences Summer Capstone Projects

The Social Sciences Summer program culminates in a detailed research proposal. In 2015 and 2016, the proposals focused on one aspect of gentrification in Harlem or greater New York City. In 2017, the proposals focused on one aspect of "adolescent society" in the US and/or China. After submitting their written proposals, students present their research to our program faculty, take questions, and receive feedback. Browse capstone papers from past years below:

Summer 2018

America as a Land of Opportunity *Selected as Best Research Design
by Moqiu Cheng, Yifan Lou, and Malika Sawadogo
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Factors That Affect Adolescent Parent Relationships in China and the United States
by Sam Chen, Joyce Liao, and Lisa Qiu
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How Does Financial Condition Influence Adolescents’ Relationships with Peers and Parents
by Tianjian Sun, and Yunqing Sun
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The Impact of Generational Fashion Trends on Identity Formation, Boundary Making, and the Generation Gap
by Rebecca Huang, Rebecca Jiang, Annie Ma
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Interracial Friendships of International Adolescent Students: A Focus on Diversity of Grown-up Environment, Humanity-related Education Received, and Level of Parental Interference
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Language and Stereotypes among Adolescents *Selected as Best Research Design
by Ela Gulsen, Andy Ying, and Celine Yuan
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Patterns of Religious Affiliation and Practice among Chinese and American Adolescents
by Adkins Xu, Cathy Teng, Emily Zheng, and Lumina Yan
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The Relationship Between English Proficiency and Identity
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What Factors in Neighborhoods Affect Depression in Adolescents?
by Melissa Gao, Victoria Jin, and HaiChang Liu
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What Shape Adolescents’ Reactions Towards Strangers?: The Benefits of Pro-social Behavior of Adolescents
by Daphne, Joyce, and Rofiat
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Summer 2017

The Routine of Doing Workout and the Effects on Anxiety of Millennials
by Ray Li, Vicky Luo, Grace Rong, and Judy Zhu
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Whether or Not Adolescents will be Better at Dealing with Conflicts by Using Social Media?
by Aurora Wang, Joseph Li, Nancy Chen, Rachel Zhang, and Silica Chen
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Interracial Friendship in New York City
by Yudian (Alex) Lin, Yunran (Eva) Lu, Sili (Shirley) Yu, and Shasha (Liz) Yu
Read the paper                                                                                                                             *Selected as Best Research Design, Session II

Impact of Parents' Attitudes Towards Sexual Relationship on Adolescents' Opinions
by Yining Y., Tina C., Vincent W., and Sylvana W.
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Proposal For Testing the Correlation Between Parental Favoritism and Adolescent Narcissism
by Jiawen Yu, Xiaoqi Huang, Claire Xiong, and Jack Zhong
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The Effect of Parental and Personal Influence on Students' Choice of College Major
by Bill Huang, Chloe Guo, Jason Zhang, and Shelley Shen
Read the paper                                                                                                                               *Selected as Best Research Design, Session I

How does Academic Pressure Affect Adolescents' Performance in School?
by Jiaxue Shi, Crystal Li, Jerry Wen, and Xuanyi (Lily) Zhang
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Comparing Different Educational Outcomes of Adolescents in China and America in the Presence of Romantic Relationships
by Sue Cheng, Karen Chen, Henry Wang, and Kathy He
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Summer 2016

Gentrification and Music Diversity in Harlem
by Bingzhi (Benjamin) Wang, Wending (Jeff) Ying and Xiaowen (Joanna) Zhang
Read the paper                                                                                                                             *Selected as Best Research Design, Session II

Gentrification and Locality: A Study of Salons in Harlem
by Elizabeth Liu and Mike Ma
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The Relationship between Gentrification and Sense of Security in Harlem
by Annabell Su and Lee Li
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The Influence of Gentrification on Educational Quality in Harlem
by Queenie Xia and Lawrence Chu
Read the paper                                                                                                                               *Selected as Best Research Design, Session I

The relationship between the social integration of elderly people and gentrification
by Marc Jiang and Jessy Wu
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Gentrification and Residents' Attitude Towards New Residents
by Glory Gu and Caroline Zhang
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Summer 2015

Study Gentrification Differently: Landlords, Tenants, and Residential Property Owners
by Fran Wang, Josh Zheng, Rain Yao, and Viktor Jiang
Read the paper                                                                                                                       *Selected as Best Research Design

Gentrification and Graffiti in Harlem
by Jiayu (Jane) Qiu, Kemin (Daisy) Cao, and Shuqiao (Berry) Yang
Read the paper                                                       *Selected by the INCITE as Columbia University High School Fellows Program

Gentrification in Harlem: The Adaptation and Roles of Local Businesses
by Yunyang (Datura) Zhou, Yi (Frank) Zhan, and Zixuan (Helen) Jin
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Gentrification on Food: Correlation between Gentrification and Food Prices
by Yang Yitao and Chen Zhaoyuan
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Gentrification and Mobile Traffic: Traffic and Quality of Residential Life
by Kang (Danimal) Ma, Xinyi (Emma) Wang, Huaxing (Tommy) Cui, Jiayu (Susie) Wu
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The Relationship between Gentrification and Protest
by Ding Zhaofeng, Chen Hongyu, Xue Gaofei, and Zhang Tianjun
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