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Fourth Zuckerman Conference at the Mellon Biennial

We are pleased to announce our Fourth Harriet Zuckerman Conference at the 2017 Mellon Biennial. This conference will take place on April 6 and 7 at the Columbia Law School (435 West 117th Street). Reflecting the intellectual diversity and interdisciplinarity of our Mellon Program, the conference is not about one theme but about several that engage disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, as demonstrated in our panels.

Two ideas motivate the Harriet Zuckerman Conference at the Mellon Biennial. Extending the guiding intellectual animus of the Mellon Interdisciplinary Fellows Program, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we bring together alums of the program to engage each other and current fellows in interdisciplinary conversations about their current research, and open these conversations to the wider Columbia and New York City community.  The Zuckerman Conference is the focal point of this effort. The conference is also motivated by the importance and pleasure of social relationships in our professional lives.  The first Zuckerman Conference at the Mellon Biennial was held in April 2011, the second in April 2013, and the third in April 2015.

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