Yasmine Ergas


  • Project Director, Feminist Lives
  • Director, Specialization on Gender and Public Policy
  • Lecturer in Discipline in International and Public Affairs




Yasmine Ergas directs the Specialization in Gender and Public Policy at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs.  Among her other responsibilities, Yasmine is  Senior Advisor to the Institute for the Study of Human Rights and co-chairs the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Council at Columbia.  A lawyer and sociologist by training, she has written extensively on social movements and public policies, with a particular focus on feminism and women's rights, on human rights more generally, and on the effects of globalization on  markets in reproductive services. She is coediting a book on Bodies and Borders: Negotiating Motherhood in the 21st Century, and has recently launched a research project focused on the intersection of family structure and migration.