From 2004-2016, Columbia University and INCITE was one of the six sites in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Health & Society Scholars Program, Columbia H&SS promotes innovative and interdisciplinary research in population health through the Scholars program, working groups and other internal funding, and public events. During the program’s 12 years, Columbia hosted 35 postdoctoral scholars. The program was Co-directed by Peter Bearman (Sociology, INCITE), Bruce Link (Epidemiology and Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health) and Julien Teitler (Social Work). It integrated faculty and Scholars in the health, behavioral, social, and environmental sciences. Columbia H&SS supported theoretically-informed and methodologically rigorous basic and applied research. The program fostered an intellectual environment open to unexpected insights from our juxtaposition of different disciplines and points of view; our cross-talk among research, policy, and advocacy; and our encounter with the stimulating and complex environment of New York City. During the 12 years the program awarded more than $2.4 million in seed grant support to an array of projects in population health.

Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the program ended in September 2016


Peter Bearman, Director
Bruce Link, Director
Julian Teitler, Director
Kathryn Neckerman, Associate Director